how do i watch live stream if i am not by the camera to connect to its wi-fi hotspot?

you need to connect the camera's own wifi firstly.
and then go to the app to search the wifi to add the camera.
please do not over the wifi range if you do not set up the remote view function.

Does this camera have night vision?

we are sorry about that.
this wifi camera do not have the night vision.

Can i use software like blueiris with the camera, or do i have to use included software? if so, what is it?

this camera's app is BVCAM,it support ios system and Android system.you can go to the google play and app store to download it.

Does it need to be connected to the wifi to work ?

yes, you need to connect the camera's own wifi.

Is this camera waterproof?

this camera is not waterproof.

IS there any loop recording functionality?

yes, it have.

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