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  • HD MINI WIFI Connection Of The Camera

    Ⅰ.Connection Of The Hotspot 1.Open your phone “Setting” to find out and connect with the camera’s wifi,name of wifi is on the back of the camera. (If you can not find out the camera’s wifi,please check the the status of the indicato …

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  • HD MINI WIFI Motion Detection setting

    1.click ‘Alarm Config’,select ‘Motion detection sensitivity ’ to open the motion detection

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  • HD MINI WIFI Email Alert setting

    1, Choose Email setting,Set the sender account,password,receiver account,SMTP Address,Port。

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  • HD MINI WIFI camera’s Key Instru

    camera’s Key Instru: explanation of indicator light: The status of red indicator light flicker slowly – hotspot mode flicker quickly – wifi connecting (if wifi connecting for a long time and it can’t finish connecting,it may …

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  • HD MINI WIFI Video Recording Setting

    1.Select “SD Card Record Config” 2.Set “Record”, “Resolution”, “File length(minute)” (Note: Blue light blinking means the camera is recording ) “SD Card Record Config” — profile introduction When you insert the memory card …

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  • HD MINI WIFI Precautions

    1.Due to the long time of transport,the camera’s battery will be low power,please charging 1 hours before using.

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