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  • L17 infrared lighting setting

    1, please click the ‘” in video interface if you need to open the infrared lighting. (please note that: the infrared lighting default run 90 minutes and then auto stop running, just in case the camera has been overheat.) 2, please follow the steps to set up the infrared lighting running time. step 1: choosing …

  • L17 Video Recording Setting

    1.Select “SD Card Record Config” 2.Set “Record”, “Resolution”, “File length(minute)” (Note: Blue light blinking means the camera is recording ) “SD Card Record Config” — profile introduction When you insert the memory card, it will display the capacity of the card if the camera read it successfully (Note: 1.Before inserting the card, please turn off …

  • L17 camera’s Key Instru

    camera’s Key Instru: Buttons Explanation: Take pictures key – press one time to take photo,press for 5 seconds ,then the indicator light turn off Video recording key – press one time to record,press for 10seconds to reset explanation of indicator light: The status of red indicator light flicker slowly – hotspot mode flicker quickly – wifi connecting …

  • L17 Precautions

    1.Due to the long time of transport,the camera’s battery will be low power,please charging 1 hours before using. 2.This camera only support 2.4G WiFi,can’t support 5G WiFi.(In general,Most routers have both 2 frequencies,you simply login to your 2.4GHz network to finish connecting.) 3.Please inserting a micro SD card (max 128GB) before using,if the memory card …

  • L17 Connection Of The Camera

    Ⅰ.Connection Of The Hotspot 1.Open your phone “Setting” to find out and connect with the camera’s wifi,name of wifi is on the back of the camera. (If you can not find out the camera’s wifi,please check the the status of the indicator light.) 2.Please open the software “FRCAM”,it automatically adds cameras. 3.Then you can watch …

  • L17 Motion Detection setting

    1.click ‘Alarm Config’,select ‘Motion detection sensitivity ’ to open the motion detection (pls note:if you need record when motion detection happen,you need click’ sd card record config’ to set) The introduction of Alarm Config Motion detection sensitivity – set the Motion detection sensitivity to turn on the Motion detection Alarm Schedule – set the time to start …

  • L17 Email Alert setting

    1, Choose Email setting,Set the sender account,password,receiver account,SMTP Address,Port。 (Because of the limitation of some email address, like gmail etc,this email address may not work。Recommended email address:Outlook,hotmail,live) (Note:If you want to receive the email alert, please set and open “Email Alert”on “Alarm Config” ) Email Config introduction: Sender – sender acco Interface unt Recipient – …

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