ToSee Doorbell

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  • 720P分辨率,清晰细腻的图像;
  • PIR红外传感器关于人体,被动感应;
  • 24V交流充电模块和压力感应模块
  • 先进的H.264视频压缩,超低速率,高清晰度的图像质量;
  • 专业防雷击,符合GB / T17626.5和IEC61000-4-5。
  • 支持各种移动监控(iPhone,Android);
  • 支持云技术,轻松实现网络渗透,实现在线和报警信息流量

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Alarm : Yes
Item Type : Video Doorbell
Connection Type : Wireless
Feature : Photograph,Video
Display : Color
Power : Dry battery
Itercom : Yes
Brand Name : FREDI
Po : 2 * 18650 Batteries ( not included )




    • 720P resolution,clear and fine images;
    • PIR infrared sensor about the human body,Passive induction;
    • 24V alternating current charging module and pressure induction module
    • Advanced H.264 video compression,Super low rate,high definition quality of image;
    • Professional anti-lightning,conform to GB/T17626.5 and  IEC61000-4-5.
    • Support various mobile monitoring(iPhone,Android);
    • Support cloud technology,easy to achieve network penetration,fro in-line and alarm information pus


Note : Because of Logistics limit , this product send out not included battery , please note it . The Chime have black and white color ,we will send the color random.


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